Welcome to Muslim Center of Manhattan Inc.,

Muslim Center of Manhattan, Inc was registered on November 23, 1999, with the State of New York. The Center was established to facilitate the growing Muslim population in the mid-Manhattan area in observing the religious rituals during regular business hours. At first, we rented space from different hotels in mid-Manhattan for the Friday prayers, and for daily prayers we used the basement of a restaurant. Eventually, over time, Alhamdulilah we acquired three locations for prayers.


At our Head Office located at 4 West 43rd Street, 3rd Floor, we have a library, where members can borrow books, and classrooms, where Islamic studies are conducted. Help from our charity fund have gone to many countries including Bangladesh, Senegal, Gambia, and Ghana. Our goals are to continue to expand and have more locations for prayers and to provide more assistance to the poor and needy, InshaAllah.

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